Suman– Fighting severe Malnutrition on road to good health

Hi there folks, as you may have heard, hundreds of young girls have fallen into severe malnutrition during Covid. Here is another sad and moving story of Suman. It ends with the Hope, the Asha that enters her life.

My name is Suman. I am 14 years old and I live in a tiny shanty in Zakhira slum, near the railway track. My father works as a long distance truck driver and he gets work only on some days. He stays away from home for many months, and sadly, he does not send us any money when he is away. Sleeping at night many times without eating, only drinking water was common for me, as I was growing up.

When Covid struck and the lockdown was declared on March 24, 2020, all his work came to a standstill. The trucks were not allowed on the roads. Now our family entered the worst financial crisis of our lives. We had nothing to eat. Even though I was so grown up, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I cried silently into the night. I thought we would all die of starvation.

But in a few short days, the Asha family arrived at our doorstep with bags of groceries and other essentials. I could hardly believe what I saw. Food began to get cooked in my house again. But I had to look after my family first. I always ate last after cooking for and feeding everyone. There was very little food left in the end.

One day I began to feel dizzy and held on to my mother’s saree to stop myself from falling. Asha’s CHV Anandi took me to the Asha clinic immediately. Asha’s nurse Shiny Ma’am did my health check up. She told me I was severely malnourished and my weight was only 25kg. She started me on treatment immediately. I began taking all my medicines. She gave me eggs, green vegetables, milk, butter and fruits. I could not believe my eyes when I saw all this food.

I was immediately registered for Asha’s supplementary nutrition program. I go to the Asha Centre everyday and enjoy the delicious Asha Laddoo and Sattu. It is so tasty. I also meet other girls there who eat with me. We all have our own stories, and we share them with one another.

Today my weight is 37kg. I feel so much better. I have a lot more energy, and I sleep well at night. I can concentrate on my studies much better.

Asha saved my life during the worst crisis I have ever seen. I can never forget the love and care Asha showed me at a time when nobody came to my help.

There are many girls like me. I feel sad when I listen to their stories. But then my heart is filled with Hope because of the Asha family. Thank you Asha.

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