Asha celebrates Mothers in slum communities

In the words of Dr Kiran- ”Today’s post is dedicated to all the mothers in our slum communities. Life has already been hard for them, living in their shanty homes. Having to live in a small hut, cook, and look after the family including young children, struggle to fill water, struggle to use a toilet with dignity, struggle to find work, struggle with domestic violence and sexual harassment, struggle to get decent care during pregnancy, this was what life was like before Asha. The lives of mothers have changed a lot for the better under Asha’s care.

However, Covid19 has shown me heartbreaking circumstances our mothers have had to endure. Nothing is more sorrowful than seeing your children hungry and starving. Many mothers wept tears of anguish and gave up hope during these dark days.

Then you entered their lives with your spirit of kindness, your generosity, and your conviction to help. And we began giving them money and groceries for their children and their families. You brought hope and comfort into their lives.

I hope you will enjoy these lovely pictures of mothers and children whom you have been able to feed through Asha.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there as together we unite our hearts with the mothers in our slum communities. May we continue to help the many mothers and children who are still suffering and desperately need our help.”


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