Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha students prepare to take their online exams at Asha centres

Final year Asha students are gearing up to take their exams online. They are nervous and apprehensive as this is something absolutely new to them. Asha is taking every measure to make sure that each Asha student is supported in their endeavours and that no child is left behind.

The final year Asha Delhi University students will be taking their end of year exams online for the first time. Asha is arranging for them to take multiple mock exams at the Asha centre so they gain familiarity and confidence. Phones, internet, stationery, professional IT assistance from the student body, a quiet place to take the exam, an understanding of the scanning processes, it’s all happening in preparation for the start of the papers in the first week of July. Some students were shocked at realizing how badly they would have gone wrong if they hadn’t taken these mocks. One more huge challenge for students who live in slum communities. And they will face it bravely with help from Asha.


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