Asha Corona Warriors reach out to comfort slum dwellers during this pandemic

”Hello, friends, I have been receiving reports of the poor scrambling to get food when government workers come to distribute it at various places in the city. People fall down and get hurt, and push their utensils forward, with the food falling all around, also on their bodies. There is food on the ground, food falling all over the distribution tables, and even in people’s hair.

The Latin word for Dignity is Dignitare which means worthiness. The poor have an inherent right to be respected and valued for their own sake. Such methods of food distribution violate and diminish the self-worth of the poor. They were all earning their wages honestly and feeding their families before the lockdown.

Whether it is giving out groceries, or educating families, or treating the sick, or offering help and advice, the Asha Corona Warriors greet each person and each family respectfully and as equals, remembering that they are hard-working people, who at this time are dependent on others to stay alive, through no fault of their own.”- Dr Kiran


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