Asha Covid-19 Emergency Response

“My Communications Team has created a beautiful video of the amazing work of the Asha Corona Warriors. I am sending you the essence of the meaning of this song. Let us all watch it. And while watching it, pay tribute to them and pray for their safety.” -Dr Kiran

How shall this courage, this hope, bow down?

How shall this yearning go away?

The destination is hard to get to,

The shore is hazy, the heart is lonely

I will still continue to hope.

Many thorns stay strewn on the way

But we must walk on them

The evening may hide the sun

But the night has to pass.

This season will also change

Courage will bear fruit

The morning will dawn again.

We will be blessed with stability

The sunlight will appear from under the shadows

I pray to God that our destination of happiness and health embraces us soon.

Let the oath of love be spoken a hundred times

Let the declaration of love be tall

Let love be fully alive.

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