Asha focuses on providing aid to children in the slums as the lockdown extends

”Dear friends, the Govt of India has extended the lockdown in the country until May 17th. The total duration of the lockdown is uncertain. This has caused the urban poor to plunge into further despair. Their complete collapse in income is having serious consequences. Asha is focusing on children under five in the slums because these income shocks are having a devastating effect on them. Asha has worked very hard over the years in bringing down the infant and child mortality in our slums over the years. If we do not act urgently, all these gains can be reversed. The longer the shutdown, the less likelihood of the families being able to snap back, and this will have long-running consequences on child poverty. If the children face acute deprivation of nutrition during the critical window of early childhood, they are likely to face lifelong challenges as their neurological development is impaired.

Asha is, therefore, making Urgent Interventions in providing High Energy High Protein Foods with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements to All children from 1-5 years of age, as far as our resources will enable us.

Thank you for your kindness and your generosity. These children would have had a bleak future without your help. I encourage you to continue your resource mobilization efforts so that every Asha child from 1-5 years of age can be rescued from the devastating effects of child hunger during these critical years.”- Dr Kiran



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