Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha High Energy Laddoo distrbuted to young children in all Asha communities

To combat malnutrition amongst young children in the slums, the highly nutritious and delicious ‘Asha High Energy Laddoo’ has been distributed to hundreds of young children in all the slum communities. This laddoo is going to help in the growth of all malnourished children and help them to gain good weight.

The Asha High Energy Laddoo is now being enjoyed by young children in many Asha communities. How wonderful is the combination of wholesome nutritious food given with love and affection to a child. One laddoo is 387 calories, and some children eat two. They are certain to be saved from malnutrition and it’s many attendant complications.

Widows, the elderly, the unemployed with little children, the sick, being given desperately needed funds to buy food and essentials.”


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