Asha Student Interned at the New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi

As part of Asha’s Internship Programme, this year, diligent Saranya (from Kusumpur Pahari) and Rubina (from Savda Ghevra) interned with the New Zealand High Commission for over a month. They have worked in various departments like MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Policy advisory team, data entering, reception thereby learning bilateral relations between New Zealand and India. They also learnt how to write formal business application, create professional resume, give verbal and PowerPoint presentation et al.

Deputy High Commissioner Suzannah Jessep was extremely proud of how both these girls worked on their inhibitions to learn the know-how of their work. She said, “I am amazed at how fast they learnt things. They had such positive attitude and their presence is really inspiring. I am very proud of

Thank you, New Zealand High Commission to India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka for providing our students with the internship and for going an extra edge to help them brush up their English language skills. We hope to continue our long standing association in the future as well.

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