Asha students excel in their class 12 exam results

The high school national results (equal to A levels/ class 12) have just been announced, as Asha students in the slums waited with great excitement. Asha students have gone through difficult circumstances living in the slums, studying hard for their examinations with self-study and help from Asha, as coaching classes are too expensive.

The Asha students have done a phenomenal job, with 15 students scoring above 90%! The results are still being compiled. The topper is a girl from Seelampur called Fazia. She has scored a whopping 96%, with 97 in Political Science, 97 in Geography, 94 in History, 95 in English, and 96 in Hindi.

Fazia’s life has been filled with sadness. She lost her father some years ago, and her mother is a cancer survivor. Her younger sister is severely malnourished, and has been registered at Asha’s Women’s Malnutrition Programme. Her brother is the only earning member and pulls heavy loads on a cart in the local market, earning Rs 6000/- ( 78 USD) in a month. He has no work these days because of the pandemic. The family is going through great financial hardship.

Fazia has been mentored and counseled by the Asha team and Ambassadors at Seelampur.

She would love to go to university, and we will pay for her tuition and all her expenses.

What wonderful news, and may God replenish our resources so that we can pay for students like Fazia to go to university. We must not leave a single young person behind. More stories to follow.

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