Asha topper from Jeevan Nagar scores 94.% in his 12th board exams

Asha’s Jeevan Nagar nineteen-year-old boy Adil, scored a whopping 94 % (A+ Grade). What makes his achievement worth mentioning is the challenging circumstances he has overcome to emerge as a winner.

“I was born in great poverty to parents who wandered from one place to another like nomads.”

Adil’s parents migrated from Banaras to a slum in New Delhi in search of work. His father started working as a welder. After shifting their adobe from one slum to another, they finally settled in the Jeewan Nagar Slum community ten years ago.
“I live in a small shanty with my parents and four younger siblings. My father manages to earn INR 15000 ($ 200.03/ £ 175.18) per month. By the end of the month, it always becomes difficult for my parents to manage the household expenses. The only time we received new clothes was on Eid (a Muslim festival).

“I have seen people saying that they enjoy rain but trust me things were completely different for us. I remember our roof used to leak during the rains. My books used to get wet along with a lot of other things. The major challenge we face is from mongoose. They destroy so many things like food, clothes, and my books.”

At the age of ten, I joined the Bal Mandal (children’s association) and its activities were a natural progression arising from the comfort levels that I had started sharing with Asha centre and its staff”, shares Adil. “Things changed for me when I was in Grade 8. This is when I heard about Chandan bhaiya (brother). Then only I decided that I want to follow his footsteps” added Adil. Adil worked hard to achieve his dream. He was provided with much-needed scholastic materials and a space comfortable for studying in peace.

“This year everything is different because of COVID- 19. My father lost his job during the lockdown. It became extremely difficult for us to survive but Asha supported us in every possible way. I had terrifying moments before the results were announced. But the emotional support I received from Asha Ambassadors is beyond words.”

Adil who is now gearing up to pursue his dream to be an engineer has scored 94% in his 12th examination securing the highest in the subject of Physics- 95. This would have been impossible without his hard work and assistance from the Asha Team.

“When I saw my school-leaving exam result, I was incredibly happy. I want to thank the Asha team specially Sachin bhaiya (Asha Ambassador) who helped me prepare for the exams.”

Adil’s determination even in such circumstances is extraordinary. Along with that, he is a wonderful Asha Ambassador who believes in giving back to his society and helping his communities.

We wish him luck for a good career opportunity ahead and hope he makes a good living and takes his family away from slums, soon.

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