Bedridden man receives aid from Asha

The emergence of Corona Virus, a global pandemic which is a threat to humanity as described by WHO has presented severe existential crisis, especially for the poor and vulnerable section of the society living in the slum communities. In these times of severe challenges and constraints, Asha has formed dedicated teams of Corona Warriors, working relentlessly across the slums of Delhi, putting their own lives in danger. The Government has imposed complete lockdown across the country to control the spread of Covid-19. However, the lockdown has created economic and social problems, especially for the slum communities, as their life has come to a standstill. The problem is particularly severe and acute for people who are already sick and have no one to care for.

Forty-Eight-year-old Dharampal has been a resident of Dr, Ambedkar Basti for more than 20 years. He earned his living by playing the drums on various occasions. However, an unfortunate accident some months ago broke his back, and he became totally bedridden. He started undergoing treatment, and the doctor suggested spinal surgery. His family consisted of one son as his wife had died 2 years back. Dharampal’s accident had stopped the family income, so his 18-year-old son was forced to take up his father’s profession of playing the drums and earn some meagre money to take care of the family.

However, the emergence of pandemic and the consequent lock-down brought multi-faceted problems to Dharampal’s family. The family had no source of money as the lock-down had forced Dharampal’s son to stay at home and not to venture outside for work. Further, his treatment also suffered because of the present situation. The situation was really gloomy and dark. However, Asha’s brave team of Corona warriors went to Dharampal’s house and comforted him with cheerful and motivating words. They taught him and his son safety and precautionary measures during this crisis, including handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds, maintaining social distance, and not to move out of the house unless there is an emergency.

The Asha team also provided the family ration, which included essential supplies like wheat, sugar, pulses, and soap that was really needed for the survival of the family at this hour of distress. The Asha team told Dharampal not to lose hope and assured him that they will always be available at any time of their need.

Asha’s Corona Warriors are taking care of such vulnerable and needy families across all the slums under Asha’s programme locations at this grave hour of crisis.


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