Dr Kiran celebrates her birthday with the Asha family in Safedi Basti slum colony

Dr Kiran, “I had one of the most wonderful birthdays of my life at Safeda Basti slum colony today. The young and old, women and men, boys and girls, all gathered together to wish me, bless me, love me. I cut a cake in one of their homes the entrance of which they decorated with balloons.

I then proceeded to give them food parcels and we all agreed that we would have a hearty meal tonight wherever we are, brothers and sisters in the Asha family, united by our love for one another.

I came back from the slum community I find over 1000 cards waiting for me made by boys and girls, young adults, women and men, and the elderly from all Asha communities. They were filled with messages of blessings, of love, of gratitude, of hope for a friendship that lasts forever.”

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