Elderly man living alone in the slums cared for by Asha

Dr Kiran: ‘This is the sad story of an 86 year old man called Kayamuddin. He lives on his own in a small shack in a corner of a tiny lane in Tigri slum community.

Kayamuddin was a poor landless labourer in the state of Bihar. He moved to the Delhi slums at a young age. He tragically lost all three of his young children to illness while living in terrible conditions. Unable to cope with the grief, his wife died a few years later.

He was on the brink of starvation when the pandemic hit the Delhi slums and there was no work and no food.

Asha immediately rushed to his aid, and has been supporting him on a continuous basis since the end of March. He looks forward to his regular supply of groceries, medicines and regular check ups at the Asha clinic, and the visits of the Asha Corona Warriors who help him and provide him comfort. “Asha has helped a poor man like me during such difficult times. No one except Asha has bothered to care for me. Thank you for watching over me,” says Kayamuddin with a sorrowful look in his eyes.’

Donate for the cause of Asha: https://bit.ly/2tFvdy3

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