Relief provided to the disabled in Asha communities

”Hi folks, today’s update is about the hundreds of disabled persons in the Asha communities. The lines to collect cooked food provided by the government are long, and the moment the food arrives, people scramble for it, falling over each other to fill their pots and pans. Older people fall down and get hurt. It’s impossible for the disabled and the helpless to get this food. The Asha Corona Warriors are reaching out to every disabled person who has no support. Giving them groceries. Giving them money. Giving them emotional support and comfort. Visiting them often to check on them. The amazing grassroots infrastructure in the form of a well-organized team of Corona Warriors and Asha staff members to guide them makes it possible to reach out to each disabled person in need, not leaving even one. Sadly, we do not see anyone else in the slums except for the local police now and then. No government officials, no NGO’s. The Warriors are brave, sincere, and compassionate.

These are but a few examples. We have only just begun our work among the disabled. The combination of poverty and disability makes this group of people be among the most vulnerable in slums. Even without Covid19, they generally suffer from poorer health, are less literate, are unemployed or marginally employed, socially excluded, and have more severe income poverty.- Dr Kiran


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