Asha students enjoy the Marshmallow Challenge Exercise with the Mazars Team

It was a great day of excitement and learning for our Asha students and graduates when Mazars UK Partner, Tom Brichieri-Colombi and his three colleagues, Alan, Kanika and Bhaskar visited the Ambedkar Basti Slum community on 10th September. The Mazars Team led our students to engage in an 18-minute American Marshmallow Challenge to build the tallest structure with the marshmallow on the top, dividing them into groups with 4-5 members.

At the end of the activity, the students and the Mazars team analysed the reasons for failures and successes. The students had the great learning that every project has its marshmallow hidden challenges that nobody considers. Thank you, Team Mazars for facilitating the exercise, enabling our students to understand the benefits of teamwork and brainstorming a new idea!

Here is the YouTube video link on the whole exercise where you can learn more about the Marshmallow challenge, explained by Tom, Mazars Partner:

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