Nurturing Health: Madhu, a young woman, manages Asthma under Asha’s care.

Madhu is a 22 yrs old young woman from the Zakhira Slum community who has been part of Asha’s healthcare programme since she was in her mother’s womb. All her childhood vaccinations and routine checkups were done at Asha’s clinic at Zakhira.

As she grew up, she developed symptoms of Bronchial Asthma which was diagnosed by Asha’s health team. Since then, she has continuously received medical support from Asha. During the time of Covid, she was treated under the guidance of Dr Kiran through telemedicine, where she could share her health concerns and get the right medicines. Recently she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and the health team initiated medications to avoid further complications. She is ever grateful to the Asha team for helping her manage her health conditions, enabling her to work as a beautician. Every Tuesday, she ensures that she visits the Asha clinic to check her health status. Like Madhu, the young members of the community, especially the girls, are developing health-seeking behaviour due to the positive influence of Asha’s team and the availability of health services in the slum.

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