“Overcoming Challenges: Bhuvan and Bhuvnesh’s Inspiring Journey to Education and Success with Asha’s Support”

Bhuvan and Bhuvnesh, the eighteen-year-old twins residing in the Peeragarhi slum, had to overcome numerous challenges in their young lives. Tragically, their father passed away shortly after their birth, leading to their mother being disowned by her in-laws. Despite these hardship circumstances, they never let adversity define them. During their senior secondary school days, Bhuvan and Bhuvnesh found solace and support at the Asha center. This enabling and peaceful environment became their place for studying. Their maternal grandparents stepped in with two newborn babies to care for while their grandfather worked as a labourer to support the entire family. To contribute, their mother began teaching tuition to neighbouring students. Their hard work and determination paid off when Bhuvan and Bhuvnesh achieved excellent scores in their national class XII board exams, demonstrating their unwavering dedication and talent. However, due to financial constraints, they decided not to continue their studies and instead worked to support their family. However, the Asha team and the ambassadors counselled the boys and their families and convinced the family of the importance of higher education., Asha helped Bhuvan and Bhuvnesh at every step in negotiating the tough hurdle of the Common University Entrance Test ( CUET), including the online admission process and fees. As a result, they secured admission to the prestigious colleges of Delhi University in BA Liberal Arts. Now, Bhuvan and Bhuvnesh not only come to the Asha center to teach students and embody Asha's values by paying it Forward to the community. They expressed gratitude for Asha's intervention in their lives, as it prevented them from ending up in low-paying jobs and spoiling their future. They can now realize their dreams of furthering their education and building successful careers.

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