Varun’s Journey with Asha of Education, Empowerment, and Giving Back

Meet Varun, a 20-year-old ambassador from Hanuman Camp and a true inspiration. Currently studying Economics+ and Office Management at Delhi University, Varun's family of five shares a small, rented room. With his father working as a cleaner and his mother as a housemaid.
His journey with Asha began during high school exams. He was introduced by a senior ambassador, who motivated him to join the centre at Dr Ambedkar Basti, where the Asha Education team, I.T. lab, and guidance transformed his path. Meeting successful ex-Asha student ambassadors as role models fuelled his ambition.
However, when Varun secured college admission, he faced difficulties paying the annual fees due to financial constraints within his family. Asha's team assisted him by covering his annual fees. Varun is ever grateful for the financial and emotional support he received from the Asha family to fulfil her dreams of higher education.
Varan's dedication and commitment are exemplary, acting as a role model for his junior counterparts. He also possesses inherent leadership qualities that can be groomed to achieve great success.
After college, he takes classes in the park, igniting young minds with creative teaching. Varun, along with other ambassadors and the Asha team, was instrumental in motivating higher secondary students from R.K. Puram areas through the tough grind of CUET and securing college admission.
Varun's story isn't just about him; it's about hope, resilience, and the Asha family that turned dreams into reality.

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