Monthly Archives: March 2020

Covid-19 update from Asha

“Hello, folks, in addition to all the measures we have been taking, I decided that it was important to give cash to those above 65 years of age who live alone. Also to widows, the disabled, and the poor who have no money. We have begun the cash distribution today and it will go on…
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Coronavirus update in Asha slums

”Hello everyone, our Asha Corona Warriors continue their fight. Those who are on daily wages are beginning to hurt. Many are already immunocompromised due to inadequate nutrition. Many are ignorant and illiterate and scared and do not have a good understanding of what is going on. Many are casual and don’t care. Many are restless…
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Coronavirus awareness in Asha slums

”Hello there everyone, the news has been moving rapidly with the goalpost changing every day. Delhi is under complete lockdown. People are moving out only for essential reasons. However, in the slum communities, the situation is different. It’s really hard to maintain social distancing, and for large families to stay together all the time in…
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