Shamshad: A fine example of an Asha Alumni Paying It Forward.

Meet Shamshad, a good example of the incredible impact that Asha Alumni can make in their communities.

Hailing from the humble Kanak Durga slum community, Shamshad's story is about determination and a deep-rooted commitment to paying it forward. Coming from a family that migrated to Delhi in search of better opportunities, Shamshad faced numerous challenges. But with Asha's team by his side, he discovered a beacon of hope that would shape his future. He embraced different Asha values from his early days in the Bal-Mandal programme. Throughout his schooling, he displayed remarkable leadership qualities and a passion for learning. He excelled academically and went above and beyond, selflessly helping his peers and sharing the Asha values that had transformed his life. He remembers with gratitude how the Asha team stood with his family when health crises struck one after another. His father's battle with TB in 2012 and his mother's successful eye surgery, facilitated by Asha, inspired Shamshad to make a difference in the lives of others. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he dedicated himself as a COVID warrior. He fearlessly raised awareness, spreading vital information, and encouraging vaccination within his community.

Shamshad's commitment to empowering the younger generation is unwavering. After graduating in 2015, he joined as a back-office Executive at Provana Pvt Ltd, Noida. Even while working night shifts, he dedicates his days to Asha, assisting students in exam preparations, mentoring them, and instilling the values that Asha instilled in him. Today, Shamshad stands tall as an inspiration, embodying the true spirit of an Asha Alumni. His unwavering dedication illuminates the path for others, proving that no hurdle is insurmountable when we come together.

Thank you, Shamshad, for embodying the Asha spirit and paying it forward to your community.

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