How Asha’s Care Transformed Shanti’s Health and Hope

Shanti, a fifty-year-old woman from Up, has been living in Ekta Vihar slum community for thirty-five years. Married at 10, she and her husband moved from Gorakhpur to Delhi for a better life. When her husband faced a mental health crisis, she became the sole caregiver for over seventeen years.
The loss of her husband five years ago shattered her completely. In the darkest times, Asha came as a ray of hope in her life.

During a routine screening by a community health volunteer, it was discovered that Shanti has symptoms of hypertension and diabetes. Asha Health team diagnosed her condition and immediately enrolled her in a hypertension and diabetic clinic, providing proper medication and care at their slum centre. Her health improved with medication, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. Asha's team continues to monitor her health with regular follow-ups and checkups. Shanti says that Asha's Health team restored her health and her faith in resilience and care.

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