Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha distributes grocery parcels to the needy living by the river bed slum

Dr Kiran: ”Hi everyone, some of you may have heard of the families living in great poverty on a dried river bed near the Interstate Bus Terminal of the city.

The men are mostly cycle rickshaw pullers who have been out of work for over two months. The families live on mud in temporary shacks. There is no electricity, no toilets, and no roads.

This time I asked the team to invite the local MLA (equal to a US Congressman, or a locally elected representative of the legislative branch of the government), and involve the MLA in the process of handing out grocery bags.

The poor were comforted, they and their children got enough to eat for some days, and an important relationship was built with the MLA, whose wife represented him. She was really happy to get involved. Hopefully she will be able to help provide basic services to the residents who have suffered neglect at the hands of the authorities for so many years.”

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