Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Dr Kiran visits Anna Nagar slum community to distribute masks

Dr Kiran: ”Update from my visit to Anna Nagar today:

So in Anna Nagar, I found that many were unmasked or were wearing dirty masks. I gave out some 3 ply surgical masks, and found that they were really happy to receive such a simple thing as a mask. They put them on over their own masks if they had them, and promised they would double mask whenever they went out.

I left hundreds of masks with the team and the warriors. They will be distributing them to everyone in the community. I observed that mass distribution has a big effect on the community. It encourages Covid appropriate behavior and the Warriors are a lot more effective in their work.

The Warriors are doing a wonderful job, going from house to house. They are continuing to register all fever/URI patients and providing supportive therapy. They are rigorously monitoring patients with pulse oxymeter every 6 hours.

As per govt guidelines as well as our own thinking, all patients with symptoms will be considered to have Covid.”

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