Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Slum communities saved from starvation by Asha

Dr Kiran: “Hello everyone, the team and Warriors are finding many individuals and families that are already in starvation mode or on the verge of starvation because of the extended lockdown.

We are sending groceries and other essentials to them through the warriors.

Many have been eating just plain wheat chapati with watery lentils only if they have cooking gas. They are just not getting more than 400 calories in a day.

So what happens to a person if they continue in starvation mode? Their body tissue will waste away, and the body will begin to feed on itself.

The body cannot regulate it’s temperature, kidney function is impaired, and the immune system weakens greatly. Further, all the internal organs begin to shrink and shrivel. The person becomes irritable or apathetic, and can’t concentrate.

When the body consumes its own heart muscle, disruptions in heart rhythm occur.

Once the protein stores begin to get depleted, death is not far.

Providing grocery parcels and high calorie foods is critical if such patients are to be saved.

We must not let a single person in Asha communities go into starvation. The children, women and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

Together we can make sure everyone has enough food and essentials during this horrendous pandemic. Thank you for your generosity. Let’s keep up the wonderful work.”

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