Asha students in slums begin their online internships with Macquarie Group

Hello friends, Macquarie Group initiated a virtual Community Internship Program for our students, thanks to high speed internet in many of our communities.

To give you an idea, some of the areas of learning cover

– business overview
– banking fundamentals
– computer software skills
– basic email writing and communication
– interview skills and resume building
– risk and compliance training
– professional social media platform and building virtual network
– teamwork and collaboration
– time management and work life balance
– MS Outlook and MS Word
– presentation skills
– problem solving and decision making
– MS Excel
– interpersonal skills and conflict management
– corporate etiquette and ethics and values in the workplace

What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you Manish, Head of Macquarie Gurugram and the team at Macquarie for working so hard to make this possible.

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