Asha team in Mayapuri practices the Asha value ‘Gratitude’

Hello folks, these days we are having conversations on Gratitude all over Asha. Yesterday I was a part of a moving conversation with some Asha Team members in Mayapuri. CHV Prema said she felt so grateful for the peace and joy she experienced at the Asha center where she always felt surrounded by love. Each time she felt stressed, she would come over to be with her Asha family.

CHV Sumitra said she was grateful for the water she got from the Tanker. Even though she had to fill it in buckets and bring it home everyday, it was much nicer than the salty water she had from a bore well earlier.

Corona Warrior Archana said that she was so grateful her one room home in the slum was saved from a demolition that was carried out right next to her house. She also thought of the many people who lived on pavements and under bridges and was fortunate that she had a home.

Warrior Sunny said he was unspeakably grateful for his books. He had seen so many children who had no books at all. He was in his final year at Delhi University because of his books.

Team Leader Shiny said that she experienced a heart full of gratitude for having learnt how to diagnose and treat all kinds of patients that came to the clinic. She felt so rewarded when each sick person became well through her hands.

CHV Prema felt grateful that she had the wonderful opportunity to make Asha Laddoos, feed young malnourished children and girls, and watch them gain weight.

A lot more was said. Everyone experienced a great deal of joy, positivity, energy and the true love and bonds of a family. They couldn’t wait to come to the Asha Centre each morning.

They are penning down daily Gratitude Reflections, and writing beautiful Gratitude letters to their family and friends.

What a wonderful testament to the power of Gratitude!

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