Asha warrior Salma’s story of hope and determination

Salma is a 17-year-old Asha student, who was born and brought up within the tiny and congested lanes of Chanderpuri slum. Her Father shifted to New Delhi from the state of West Bengal a decade ago. He works as an Urdu teacher, teaching young students within the community. He barely earns any money as he teaches many poor students for free. While Salma’s mother, works from home, cutting threads of clothes from nearby factories. She earns a meagre sum for hours of hard work done.

As a child, Salma got associated with Asha and loved learning at the Asha centre. However, Salma was forbidden from stepping out often as her Father was very strict. The Asha team noticed how bright Salma was and did not want her to miss out on any opportunities. They visited her home and informed Salma’s father about Asha’s work and how Asha could be a great influence for young Salma. With time, her father granted permission and Salma was free to learn and soak up knowledge.

The Asha team in Chanderpuri were absolutely right about Salma! As she grew up, Salma grew extremely confident and excelled in her studies as well. Her confidence earned through Asha, also helped her achieve extraordinary results in school. Salma started to participate in extra-curricular activities and excelled particularly in the sport of running. She became such a good runner that she continuously stood first in all the races that she participated in from the 6th-12th standard!

Salma’s hard work and dedication earned her heaps of medals and certificates! These are proudly displayed at her home by her parents today. Her Father is extremely proud of her achievements and supports her unconditionally today. Salma’s immediate dream is now to attend college in Delhi University, she cannot wait to start her college education!

‘Asha Ambassadors took online classes as well during the lockdown to help students like me. Currently I am receiving free coaching in all subjects at the Asha study centre and free books as well. With Asha’s help, I am preparing myself to score high marks and excel my final exams.’ says Salma with a big smile.

Salma has also become an active Asha warrior in Chanderpuri. She is a prominent face here and is well known for her dedicated community service that she provides to the slum dwellers through Asha. Asha is proud to support and aid such young minds as Salma who are the bright future of their communities.

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