Asha’s COVID-19 Emergency Response: Dr Kiran visits Chanderpuri slum community where all covid protocols are being followed

Dr Kiran: “Here’s an update on my visit to Chanderpuri slum community yesterday.

The Warriors are doing a fabulous job of raising awareness and distributing masks to everyone. The entire community was mostly masked up and were observing Covid protocols that I was pleased to see.

They expressed deep gratitude to me for Asha’s service.

The Team and Warriors are treating all Covid patients, and are monitoring them rigorously everyday.

They are brave, enthusiastic, and filled with positive energy to perform all the tasks before them. They are making sure everyone gets treated, also gets loading doses of Vitamin D3, that all patients with co morbidities are adequately treated, and all malnourished persons are given supplemental nutrition through Asha.”

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