Asha’s Lifeline: Restoring Health and Hope for Phool Bibi

Phool Bibi, a member of Mahila Mandal, moved to Delhi from Uttar Bihar with her husband and two daughters 35 years ago. She worked in a steel utensil factory, but the hazardous conditions caused her health to deteriorate, leading to asthma. With her husband as the sole earner, she couldn’t afford the nebulizer sessions at the hospital, and her condition worsened. Eventually, during a routine check-up at Asha Centre, she was diagnosed with COPD and hypertension; with the compassionate care of the Asha health team at the Zakhira Centre, Phool Biwi received nebulizers, inhalers, medications, and dietary guidance. Her health gradually improved with their support, and the Senior nurse practitioner diligently monitored her blood pressure and sugar levels during regular clinic visits.

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