Asha’s Transformative Journey with Priya: Empowering Maternal and Newborn Healthcare in Zakhira

In Zakhira, a slum near the railway track, Priya, a twenty-one-year-old, resides with her husband and mother-in-law. Her journey with Asha began in 2020; since then, her life has taken a transformative turn.

Motivated by the compassionate Asha team, Priya comes for a regular checkup and medication at the Asha Centre. With her haemoglobin level initially at 8gm, the guidance became crucial. The team encouraged her to continue her visits. Under their direct supervision, she took nutritional drinks and micronutrients such as calcium, zinc, iron, and other mineral and vitamin supplements. With Asha's health intervention, Priya's health improved, and she even found herself embarking on the journey of motherhood. The Asha Health team stepped into counselling Priya and her family about making informed decisions, urging her to opt for hospital delivery. Priya followed their advice, visiting a government hospital for checkups, including sugar, thyroid, and blood tests. During an ultrasound, it was discovered that her baby was in a breech position, presenting new challenges. However, Asha stood by her side, offering unwavering support, consistent checkups, and the prescribed medication.

And on May 30, 2023, Priya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Priyanshi. After discharge from the hospital, the Asha team regularly conducted PNC to monitor the baby and the mother. Though the baby had a low birth weight, she is steadily gaining weight.

Asha's maternal and newborn healthcare program is a true blessing for the residents of the slum communities. Their dedication and support ensure the well-being of both Priya and little Priyanshi. As their journey continues, Asha's commitment to holistic care shines brightly, nurturing health and hope within their community.

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