Dr Kiran visits Kusumpur Pahari slum community and runs a clinic

Hi folks,

I visited Kusumpur today. The team and Warriors gave me a warm welcome. I was so happy to see the IT Lab functioning, with our university students using it for college assignments, projects and research. The students were telling me how much of a difference it is already making in this digital age where access to the internet through laptops has happened for the first time in Kusumpur. Macquarie Gurgaon has provided us with the funds for this new project. Thank you Manish and Team Macquarie Gurgaon for your kind assistance. I met Amritesh today and he is in charge of the lab. He will make sure that it is used optimally.

At Kusumpur , I ran the clinic where I saw patients with Bronchial Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and Hypertension. Most patients who had been taking treatment from government centres and private health care institutions, had run out of medication and had no access to their health care providers. The health team led by Nurse Practitioner Pushpa, was doing an excellent job of treating all patients as per Asha’s protocols. All patients under her care were feeling much better. Treatment without any cost and good follow up has meant that they are back on track. The Warriors are also visiting them in their homes.

Thank you Friends of Asha for providing us with the resources for medicines, inhalers, nebulizers, glucometers, and all essentials to treat the patients. Some patients are very poor and the team has given them groceries as well as financial help. Where would they have gone without Asha?

Donate for Asha’s Covid-19 emergency response: https://bit.ly/2tFvdy3


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