Dr Kiran visits new Asha students in Kalkaji slum community

Dr Kiran visited Kalkaji slum community where she was greeted with around 30 Asha corona warriors and students who greeted her with a warm welcome, and huge smiles on their faces. The Asha corona warriors were eager and excited to interact with Dr Kiran and share their stories with her.

This year, the Asha team in Kalkaji has scored the highest level of admissions to the Delhi University within all the Asha slums! There has been a total of 25 admissions from this community and nearby slum areas where the Asha team continuously works. Dr Kiran was extremely happy with these results and congratulated the team for their dedication and hard work in securing these admissions.

Next, Dr Kiran held an interactive session with the new Asha students wherein the students introduced themselves and shared their stories. Dr Kiran enquired about their association with Asha and heard about how the Asha team in Kalkaji had helped these students with every step in securing their admissions in their desired courses and colleges. The new Asha students were extremely emotional while interacting with Dr Kiran, they thanked her from the bottom of their hearts for providing Asha scholarships through which these students were able to pay their college fees and secure their college seats.

The benefits of higher education within Asha slums are clearly visible and bring much joy. May this movement grow to reach thousands upon thousands of young people, and transform the entire landscape of the Asha communities, forever liberating them from the distress and sorrows of poverty.


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