Elderly in Asha slums receive their vaccination

The vaccination process for age 60 and above has begun in India. However, many of the elderly in the slums are hesitant to receive the vaccination, they are scared about facing the adverse reactions and the pain. At such a time, it has been a great challenge for our Asha corona warriors to persuade the elderly and convince them that receiving the vaccination is the right thing to do for their health. But our warriors have kept their spirits high and continued the hard work to visit every elderly home and provide them with the correct information and benefits of taking the vaccine.

Asha corona warriors in all the slums are registering the elderly in their area. Most of the elderly have started to receive their appointments as well. Few of the elderly have also already received their first dose of vaccine. They will receive their second dose after 28 days.

Through this entire process, the Asha corona warriors have taken the responsibility to personally assist the elderly to the hospitals. They make sure to sit with them and comfort them before and after they receive their vaccine jab. Furthermore, the warriors are also staying in touch with the elderly for the next 48 hours and providing them with the emotional support that they require.

Asha is focusing on taking special care of the vulnerable elderly people, so that no one misses out on the opportunity to receive the aid they deserve. Many of the registered elderly have their appointment in the upcoming week. Asha warriors are continuing the hard work to register more people every day. Receiving the vaccination will make the elderly feel safe and secure amid the pandemic.

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