Inspiring Testimony of Govardhani, Asha CHV, Kanak Durga Slum

We bring you an inspiring testimony of Mrs Govardhani, an Asha CHV at Kanak Durga Slum since 1988.
“I have no words to say how Asha has played a role in transforming my life. I was illiterate, but now I can write my name and do my signature. I never went out, but now I’m a known face in my community as a health volunteer whom they feel comfortable approaching. I gained the wisdom to give education to my sons; they all became software engineers, well-settled and moved out from the slum. I had the chance to fly several times in India and abroad, which I never thought of. I have been associated with Asha since 1988 and will continue working for Asha as long as possible. Many like me, trained by Dr Kiran and the Asha team, all work on the ground. I request each of you to continue supporting Asha’s mission of transforming lives in the slums of Delhi. Your generous contributions can bring empowerment and change in many lives”. - Govardhani, Asha CHV, Kanak Durga Slum, R.K Puram

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