Malnourished woman delivers healthy twin babies through Asha’s intervention

Rubina is a resident of Seelampur staying in one room shanty with her husband, one child and her in-laws. Rubina’s husband works as an assistant in a butcher’s shop on daily wage basis, earning a meagre income of 6000-7000 INR (96 USD/ £ 69) per month, which is too insufficient for supporting the family.

To add to the family’s problems, the lockdown because of the pandemic resulted in the closure of the shop and his family was almost on the brink of starvation. Rubina was pregnant but her family had little resources or means to take care of her. Asha team supported Rubina’s family with emergency ration and other necessary items.

When Rubina visited Asha clinic at Seelampur, she was 3 months pregnant. Her BMI was calculated and she was found suffering from severe malnutrition and Anaemia. She was immediately registered for Asha’s special Malnutrition clinic and was provided high energy, high protein drink along with micro nutrient supplements.

Further, her pregnancy was regularly monitored by home visits and her ANC Check-up was done at Asha clinic as per schedule. Her health condition improved significantly and her pregnancy also progressed well. Asha’s CHV also accompanied her to the hospital for the check-up.

When the date of delivery approached, the doctors at hospital said that that, Rubina’s delivery will be done by operation as she is having twins and there were some complications. Rubina got very nervous and started crying. However, Asha’s CHV motivated and counselled her and prepared her for delivery. Asha’s CHV also accompanied her to the hospital and got her admitted for the delivery. Due to the efforts of the doctors and the Asha team, delivery was normal and Rubina delivered two beautiful twin babies on 26th January’2021.

The babies are healthy and were born with normal weight. The children were breastfed within 6 hours of delivery. After 24 hours monitoring at the hospital, Rubina was discharged and sent to her home. Asha team is ensuring adequate post-natal care for the mother and child by regular home visits. Asha also ensured that Rubina is provided balanced and nutritious food and takes her medicines on time. Both Rubina and her twins are doing well.

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