The transformational stories of young Asha students in various slum communities

Dr Kiran: ‘I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful transformational stories of our young people from the Asha slum communities who are at university.

These and hundreds of other stories are really a tribute to each one of you.

Together we have created opportunities for much better health, much higher income levels, development of a vast variety of skills, and dream careers. We have created opportunities for our young people to grow and expand their minds, and experiment with what they are passionate about.

Their communication skills, critical thinking skills, sense of discipline, and productivity, have all grown by leaps and bounds.

The benefits of higher education to entire communities is clearly visible, and bring me much joy. The communities are much healthier with higher life expectancies. Many have been able to break free from the cycle of poverty. The strong are lifting up the weak. They are politically aware, are good citizens, and highly involved in civic affairs. Child marriage has gone down dramatically, age at marriage has advanced, and women are seen as equal partners with men, rather than just future wives and mothers.

May this movement grow to reach thousands upon thousands of young people, and transform the entire landscape of the Asha communities, forever liberating them from the distress and sorrows of poverty.’

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