Empowered by Asha: The Inspiring Journey of Kesar Amma

Meet Kesar Amma, a 70-year-old member of Asha's Geriatric care program. Originally from Dosa, Rajasthan, she and her husband moved to the Ekta Vihar slum community in Delhi over 40 years ago, hoping for a better life. However, life took a turn as her husband's alcoholism and abusive behaviour tormented her for years. Despite the hardships, Kesar Amma took on the responsibility of raising their son and two daughters, working as a daily wage labourer to make ends meet.Living in a slum with inadequate facilities, including poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions, Kesar Amma felt the urgency to bring about change for her community. Although she was at the forefront of the struggle to build the proper housing, ironically, her house was in deliberated condition.
Everything changed when Kesar Amma joined the Mahila Mandal formed at the slum by the Asha team. Through the support and encouragement of her fellow members, Kesar Amma found her voice and the strength to approach local authorities multiple times. Together, they fought for improved living conditions, including cleaner drains, reliable electricity, and access to clean water.During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kesar Amma's health became a concern. Asha's ambassadors visited her and discovered she was struggling with hypertension. The Asha team immediately took her to the hospital and ensured she received proper medical care. They continue to support her, providing regular treatment for her blood pressure under their supervision.
Beyond medical support, Kesar Amma also benefited from the "Love and Lunch" geriatric feeding program at the Asha resource centre, ensuring she is well-nourished and the centre became a place of joy, where she cherished the company of fellow members.




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