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Asha students in slums begin their online internships with Macquarie Group

Hello friends, Macquarie Group initiated a virtual Community Internship Program for our students, thanks to high speed internet in many of our communities. To give you an idea, some of the areas of learning cover – business overview – banking fundamentals – computer software skills – basic email writing and communication – interview skills and…
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Asha graduate Usha speaks at zoom webinar organized by Friends of Asha-Australia

[embed][/embed] Friends of Asha-Australia organized a zoom webinar to host Dr Kiran Martin and Asha graduate Usha on 6th July, 2021. Here is a video where Asha graduate Usha shared first-hand accounts from slum residents during the webinar and detailed the interventions Asha is making to save lives in communities during this pandemic. This online…
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