Shanti, an 80 year-old Dalit Untouchable, finds True Love at Asha

My name is Shanti and I am 80 years old. I am from a Dalit untouchable caste and all my life I have been cleaning toilets and picking up garbage from peoples’ homes. I have always been shunned and humiliated by the upper castes.

I have 5 children but all of them have left me. None of them care for me. My husband died 20 years ago. I now come to the Asha Centre everyday and I am treated with great love. I eat a nutritious meal and spend time talking to other elderly people and the Asha family members.

I get treated at the Asha clinic for all my ailments. Nobody has ever loved me like this. I now feel I am not alone anymore. I feel happy here. I am grateful from my heart for the love you are showing me.

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