Anshika’s Resilience to conquer the odds in pursuit of Higher Education.

Hello folks, this is the story of Asha student Anshika who lives in Kusumpur Pahadi slum. Her father is an alcoholic and does not work. Her mother works as a housemaid in people’s homes and earns about 120 dollars a month. Her brother was working on and off doing odd jobs at a nearby mall. Anshika has had a hard life in Kusumpur where the terrain is rough, the shanties are poorly built, and the residents are dependent on water tankers for water supply.
When the pandemic struck and there was a nationwide lockdown, both Anshika’s mother and brother immediately lost their jobs. The family went into terrible destitution. Over all that, Anshika’s father went into severe health problems related to his alcoholism.
Anshika completed her secondary schooling and almost gave up on studies. She was confused, she didn’t know what to do with her life.
That was the time when the Asha Warriors and Ambassadors found her. They understood her circumstances, and were determined to help her out. They invited her to the Asha study Centre. They helped her with access to study material, coaching, quiet study spaces, and general mentoring and guidance. The warm and friendly environment fostered by the Asha team and Warriors slowly began to change her perspective on life. She felt transported into a new world- a world filled with optimism, hope and enthusiasm. The team stood behind her as she went on to take the school leaving examination. And what a wonderful performance from Anshika! She scored a brilliant 92.5%. Through Asha’s support, she has now found a place to study an Honors in Political Science at Bharti College, Delhi University. We have paid every single college related expense including the college tuition, without which her educational journey would have come to an end. How sorrowful that would have been. But now Anshika is excited to begin her university education. She could hardly believe it when she saw her college. We are determined to stand with her all through her university years, making sure she continues to be assisted financially, mentored and supported. Way to go Anshika! We are all behind you, never to leave you. You deserve to flourish and attain your highest potential just like anyone else.


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