Deepak from Yamuna Riverbed Slum battles life’s challenges to enter Delhi University

Asha is proud of Deepak, an 18 year old boy from the flood-prone Yamuna Riverbed slum in East Delhi, home of one of the most vulnerable and deprived slum communities, who cleared the recent Central University Entrance Test (CUET) and secured admission for B. Com Honours at the prestigious University of Delhi.

Deepak's family migrated from Bihar to the riverbed slum 15 years ago. He lost his father at a young age. His mother runs a small grocery shop to look after him and his five siblings.

Deepak fought life's challenges in the riverbed, facing the recent catastrophic floods where his family, like many others, lost their home and little belongings and were forced to seek refuge on the nearby highway for more than two months. It was when he was preparing for his final school leaving exams and the CUET. The Asha team immediately reached food, bedding, and clothing for his family as they were fighting one of the worst survival crises of their lives. During this time of catastrophe and despair, his strong will to change his destiny and Asha's support was the only weapon to combat the challenges. He continued his studies at the Asha Resource Center. Asha's team provided him with academic and motivational support to prepare for the tough exams, helped him with the college admission process and supported him through scholarships to take care of his college fees and other expenses, which enabled him to secure college admission.

Dear Deepak, continue your hard work and efforts to come out with flying colours!

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