Dr Kiran hosts New Year lunch for the the Elderly, spreading Hope and Joy

Hello folks, as I sat and reflected on how I would like to ring in the New Year, I decided to invite some of the poorest and most abandoned elderly from Asha for a sumptuous lunch today. And what a wonderful time we had. There were all kinds, those who had no one in the whole world, those who were paralyzed, some disabled, others who were cancer survivors, Hindus, Muslims, all castes, colors and regions. All destitute and living in great poverty.

Each one was welcomed with a loving embrace by Asha warriors. Freddy and I began serving them, followed by the other Asha team members.

The menu was Chicken Curry, Dal Makhni, Palak Paneer, Mattar Paneer, Jeera Rice, Poori, papadom and Raita. This was followed by Gajar Halwa, Gulab Jamun and Ice Cream.

They gave us so many wonderful blessings as they prepared to leave at the end of a beautiful afternoon together. We draped beautiful and warm shawls around them as a mark of respect, after which everyone left, abounding with a spirit of joy and feeling greatly loved.

Thanks to each one of you for making this possible through your kindness and generosity. Happy New Year!

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