Dr Kiran spends a wonderful time with Asha Students Studying and being prepared to go to Australia.

Hello everyone, I had a most wonderful time yesterday afternoon with all those who are either in Australia and visiting India or who will be leaving for Australia. What a bright and highly motivated group of young people.

Some of these students are on track to go in mid 2023 and early 2024.

L-R : Juhi: will go for a Masters in Nursing in 2024.

Sunny: will go for a Masters in Public Policy in mid 2023.

Fazia: will go for a Masters (undecided which) in 2024

Mohini: leaving in Feb 2023

Tushar: already at University of Sydney doing a Masters in International Relations

Tripti: will go in 2024. Masters undecided

Loknathan: yet to decide whether he would like to go.

Azmat: will go in 2024. Masters undecided

Chris Elstoft, all IELTS teachers, and each one who has played a role in their lives, heartfelt thanks.

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