Flood Affected Riverbed Community Gains Hope and Courage from Dr Kiran

Hello folks, yesterday I went to the slum community that had got flooded when I was in Australia. I was heartbroken to see the devastation, the ruin, the loss of whatever little they had, their desperation and their sorrow. The little children sitting on the mud wearing no clothes, made me so sad.

I prayed to God to set my spirit free to pour out my abundant love on them from a pure heart, to embrace and kiss them with true compassion, to understand their emotions, to console and comfort them, specially the little children. As I walked through the lanes holding each one with tenderness and looking at them with eyes of love, I saw a resurrection of hope in them. Many wept tears of sorrow as we embraced each other, others expressed gratitude from their hearts for the aid provided by the Asha team, some came and garlanded me even though their homes were empty, others held my cheeks and kissed me. I felt my heart would burst with love for them. I saw them as my brothers and sisters, my parents and my children, who had gone through unimaginable suffering.

Our emergency relief continues in the form of food relief for the children and the families, roof coverings, bedsheets and towels, cots and mattresses, the list goes on.

Thank you to each one of you who loved them as your own from afar, and made generous contributions. There is so much more to be done before they can rebuild their lives.

May our hearts be filled a great, a deep and a rich love for them as we share in their sufferings and keep joining our hearts with theirs to help them in every way possible.


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