Macquarie Official visits Kalkaji Slum Community.

On 10th March 2023, Pawan Gupta, Divisional Director and Head of Operations, Macquarie Gurugram, visited Asha’s Kalkaji centre. After the formal welcome, he was briefed on Asha’s Higher Education Programme before interacting with the undergraduate students. He intently listened to their life’s journey, problems and challenges faced in their academic pursuit, Asha’s support and future roadmap. He advised them to build their careers based on aptitude, knowledge, information, systems and structure.

He also encouraged them to face each day with a new perspective and step out of their comfort zone. Pawan shared his inspiring journey from a Business Administration Graduate and Chartered Accountant to setting up Robotics systems in the Macquarie Finance team and eventually becoming the Head of Operations. The students were enthralled and inspired by his story. Later, Pawan interacted with the Mahila Mandal ladies and listened to their stories of empowerment and transformation.

He was briefed on Asha’s “Love and Lunch” programme for the elderly and appreciated the unique facets of Asha’s programme and how it is an expression of the Celebration of Life after conquering the challenges. Next, he visited the IT Lab and the Library and said these are critical determinants in shaping the defining moments of a student’s career journey. Finally, after a brief understanding of the Healthcare programme, he went for a community visit to have a first-hand experience of a slum resident’s life. He was impressed with what he saw and appreciated Asha’s Model of Development and its visible impact. He expressed his desire to interact more with the Asha team and increase his involvement in the project.

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