Macquarie Team facilitates a workshop on Nutrition, Hygiene and Empowerment in Mayapuri Slum

A three-member team, Ms Smriti, Ms Shweta and Ms Shivani from Macquarie Global Services Pvt Ltd. Gurugram, Asha’s long-time supporter, visited the Mayapuri Slum community on 22nd November 2022. After receiving a warm welcome from the Asha team and student ambassadors, the team observed and appreciated the Love & Lunch Geriatric feeding programme for the abandoned elderlies in the slums. The team then conducted an interactive workshop for the ladies’ group, mainly discussing nutrition, personal hygiene, saving habits, gender equality, and welfare schemes for women. The team appreciated the women’s stories of transformation and their active roles in Asha’s social and community welfare programmes. The visit ended with a community visit where the team had a first-hand experience of the life of slum residents near the railway tracks.

Thank you, Team Macquarie, for your volunteer engagement and continued support in Asha’s efforts towards transforming the lives of people in Delhi slums.

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