Practicing Gratitude in Asha slum communities

Hello everyone, Here’s a beautiful story to share with you. Dr Alka is the Medical Officer in charge of a government health center in Peeragarhi. The entire Asha team and volunteers expressed their Gratitude to her for constantly collaborating with Asha in various health care programs. She was absolutely delighted, and relationships were strengthened like never before.




Elsewhere, in the spirit of the equal dignity and worth of all, they thanked the sweeper who cleans the toilets. They invited him to the Centre and garlanded him, expressing heartfelt gratitude and joy for his service. He seemed taken aback, as you will see from the pictures! Nobody had ever garlanded him before. Giving honor and respect, and affirming everyone, are powerful values.



In yet another powerful demonstration of Gratitude, the entire team went for a visit to the Municipal Councillor of the area to thank him for his service. What a wonderful visit it was!




He was filled with keenness and enthusiasm to do more, and promised the community he would always be at their service.




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