Sanjana, a Burn Survivor Combating Malnutrition

Sanjana, 17 Years old girl, lives near the railway track in the Mayapuri slum community. She has lived there for the past 15 years with her parents and siblings. His father works as a Rickshaw driver on daily wages and barely earns 400 INR daily. The amount his father gets is not enough for the whole family’s survival. Sometimes they had to spend sleepless nights in hunger, surviving on a glass of water. Due to this, gradually, she started suffering from Malnourishment. In addition, when she was 14 years old, she met with an accident due to a cylinder blast in her house. She suffered from severe burn injuries. However, no hospitals were ready to treat her at that time. However, the Asha family stood by her and after providing emergency first aid treatment, Asha’s CHV went to the hospital and got her admitted. Although she has scars on her body, the Asha team’s timely intervention saved her life.

Asha also helped her family during the pandemic by providing mental and emotional support and rations to sustain their livelihood. Asha also enrolled Sanjana on Special Clinic for Malnutrition, and she was given high energy, high protein laddoos five days a week along with supplements. Sanjana’s weight has increased, and she feels much more energetic and cheerful.

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