Sonu: A blossoming Sketch Artist

Residing in the Kanak Durga Camp slum community, Sonu, a young seventh-class boy, nurtures his dream to become a sketch artist with the support of Asha. Sonu belongs to a migrant family from Bihar consisting of his parents and three siblings, and the family survives on his father’s income as a painter. Sonu joined Asha Bal Mandal at the age of eight. Since then, he actively participates in meetings and academic and edutainment activities. As Sonu showed interest in sketching, the Asha team encouraged him to continue practising. As he showed improvement, he started participating in school-level competitions and winning prizes. In addition, he is actively involved in living the “Asha Way of Life”, spending time with the elderly and sick, giving away daily use items to people in need by collecting small amounts from his friends, joining the Asha team in creating health awareness in the community and visiting the offices of MLA and Municipal Counselors to find solutions for the common problems faced by the community.

Let Sonu’s story inspire us, reminding us that no dream is too big and no act of kindness too small.


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