Transforming Lives: Lali’s Journey to Health and Hope with Asha Clinic

Lali, a fifty-year-old woman from Rajasthan, has been living in Zakhira Slum near the railway tracks for thirty-five years. She tragically lost one of her sons in a train accident last year. During a routine screening in May 2023, CHVs noticed Lali’s symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, and vitamin D deficiency. The health team diagnosed her condition and immediately enrolled in the hypertension and diabetic clinic by the Asha health team. Her blood pressure improved with medication, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, and her overall health gradually improved. Asha referred her to the Government Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a thyroid issue and is currently receiving treatment. Asha’s team continues to monitor her health with regular follow-ups and checkups.

Lali is grateful to the Asha team for their support when she lost hope and struggled to walk.

Asha Clinic for chronic management is a vital component of healthcare service which helps the community residents to access affordable and quality healthcare.

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